These Terms & Conditions may be subject to change without notice. Interpretation – Panda Clean Australia PTY LTD - herein referred to as Panda Clean Australia. Seller means Panda Clean Australia. Buyer means the person, partnership, corporation or other legal entity, which places an order with Panda Clean Australia for the supply of goods and/or services. If you do not fully understand these terms & conditions please seek independent legal advice.



1) Acceptance of Quotation or Offer - Any quotation or offer made by Panda Clean Australia and accepted by the buyer does not constitute a binding contract. Contracts become binding only when confirmed by an invoice or in writing confirming the agreement between the buyer and Panda Clean Australia. The quotation, order, invoice and written acceptance supplied by Panda Clean Australia shall constitute the whole agreement and all representations, warranties, conditions, and liabilities (statutory or otherwise) not contained therein are expressly excluded. Prices, quantities services quoted are contingent on the buyer giving Panda Clean Australia, at the time of ordering, written details on work required. Any conditions attached to an order or contained in any written order received by Panda Clean Australia are subject to all Panda Clean Australia’s trading terms and conditions.

 2) Prices - Prices quoted may be subject to an adjustment for any Additional works required at the date of completion, an adjustment for increases of tax (both federal and state) Notification to the customer of any variance will be given by Panda Clean Australia for the customer's approval prior to the completion of any additional works.


 3) Acceptance of Goods - The buyer (or his authorised signatory) is responsible to be present on site to accept all services provided by Panda Clean Australia or their agent resulting from an order placed with Panda Clean Australia when arranged work times or dates are given. In the event that the buyer’s premises are unattended when Panda Clean Australia or their agent completes the services, the confirmation of the person who completed the service on the timesheets shall be prima facie evidence that the services were completed and shall constitute written acceptance of the goods. It is the duty of the buyer (or assigned employees and agents) to confirm work is completed. Written acceptance must be received prior to commencing work. No claim will be recognised by Panda Clean Australia as the buyer's authority will indemnify Panda Clean Australia against all liability service has been completed and timesheet finalised. Any assistance by an employee of Panda Clean Australia (or authorised representative) is at the sole discretion of such employee (or authorised representative) with no liability for any damage caused to goods and/or property. In the event of the buyer defaulting in payment of services default then Panda Clean Australia shall have immediate right and without the necessity of giving notice to take reasonable collection steps. Panda Clean Australia shall not be liable for any cost, losses, damages or other expenses suffered by buyer or any other third party in respect of such recovery.


 4) Terms of Payment - Payment is to be made in full before work commences unless other terms are agreed to in a written contract. Payment shall be made within the agreed terms or an accommodation fee of 2.2% per month (compoundable) will be attracted to any outstanding amounts owed as from date of incurred purchase. All cheques not honoured will attract a $40.00 handling fee. In the event of legal action eventuating, all legal fees incurred by Panda Clean Australia during the process of legal action in recovery of the unpaid amount shall be borne by the buyer in default. Legal fees include any costs and commissions payable to any recovery or commercial agent and all other expenses incurred by Panda Clean Australia in the recovery of the amount due.

5) Cancellations - Any changes or cancellations to bookings within 7 days of the booking date will result in loss of any deposit paid, or up to a 25% rescheduling fee, based on the discretion of Panda Clean Australia. If full payment has been made prior to cancellation, Panda Clean Australia will make all reasonable attempts to commit to a new booking, or offer a refund. Where multiple cancellations have been made for the same original booking Panda Clean Australia reserves the right to retain any and all payments made.


6) Privacy Act - The buyer agrees for Panda Clean Australia to obtain from a Credit Reporting Agency a credit report containing personal credit information about the buyer in relation to credit provided by Panda Clean Australia. The buyer further agrees for Panda Clean Australia to give information about the buyer to a Credit Reporting Agency for the purpose of obtaining a consumer credit report about the buyer, and/or to allow the Credit Reporting Agency to create or maintain a credit information file containing information about the buyer.